FairFishing Somaliland was established in January 2013 as an international NGO in Somaliland, and registered as required by law with the Ministry of National Planning and Development. It is in charge of running the FairFishing station on a daily basis: Managing and hiring employees in a transparent manner, handling and recruiting partners, fish processing etc. We are currently (January 2017) establishing an office in Bosaso, Puntland, to facilitate the activities in Puntland for our EU funded program “LOT2”  2016-2018. We are in an initial phase of the program where we employ staff for both Berbera and Bosaso offices for management and implementation.




The NGO FairFishing board consists of hands-on practitioners from the worlds of shipping, development, Somali diaspora, business strategy, finance, navy, education and fishery.

We are not a business and do not profit financially from our efforts.

We are financed by Danish and international donors who support our practical ‘nuts and bolts’ approach to a complex area and issue. We have received generous donations in the form of capital, manpower, equipment and service. Volunteerism is our backbone.

  • Chairman Claus Bindslev, Strategic advisor and CEO at Next Step by Bindslev A/S
  • Vice-Chairman Nils Wang, Rear Admiral and Commander of the Royal Danish Defence Academy
  • Board Member Mahad Farah Aden, Internal auditor in the Danish National Bank
  • Board Member Knud Vilby, International development expert, editor, writer and journalist
  • Board Member Said Hussein, Secretary General of the Somali Diaspora Organisation
  • Board member Elsebeth Krogh, Department Director for Human Rights Systems at the Danish Institute for Human Rights
  • Board member Toyah Hunting, Former Head of Partnerships and Communication at FairFishing