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Copenhagen Office, Denmark
Enigheden, Bygmestervej 57
2400 Copenhagen NV, Denmark

CVR: 34912548

Program Manager, Jens Caus Hansen
+45 53 54 17 83,

Berbera Office, Somaliland
Opposite Xeebsoor Restaurant, Berbera
Sahil, Somaliland

Reg. no: 43.31.2071.2013

Regional Program Manager, Yusuf A. Gulled
+252 634440824,

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For you to agree with us on we need the following information:

Any business name
Postal code and city
Phone number
E -mail address

Somali Fair Fishing understands and respects the importance of privacy on the Internet. We will not disclose information about our members to third parties, unless it is necessary to implement a transaction. Somali Fair Fishing will not sell your name, address, email address, credit card or personal information to any third party without your prior consent.

The registration of your personal data is carried out with the purpose to identify you with your membership.

Personal information registered with Somali Fair Fishing, where they will be kept for five years after which the data are deleted.

When we collect personal information through our website we ensure that it is always done with your express consent. You are thus informed of exactly what information is collected by us and why.

Relevant staff at Somali Fair Fishing has access to information about you.

Customer information stored unencrypted.

We do not transmit customer data encrypted.

The controller of is Carl-Jørgen Bindslev.

The information you have submitted to is not disclosed or sold to third parties, and we will not record any sensitive personal information. When you are in the database of Somali Fair Fishing, you have according to the Privacy Act , both the opportunity and the right to object to the registration . You also have the ability and right to see what information about you we keep.

Questions relating to your data should be made to Carl-Jørgen Bindslev e- mail:


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