To obtain sustainability of the growing fishery sector, FairFishing today works with development of the  whole fish value chain, from sea to consumer.

We aim to address the remaining gaps in the chain, from fishing at sea, to station, distribution, markets, shops and home to the consumer, in order to create better living in the Horn of Africa.

To encourage Cool, Clean & Tasty fish, the training program “Fresh Fish on the Dish” was developed and executed in 2018 by Global Health & Sustainability expert Carolina Obara and world-famous Chef Kamilla Seidler, who trained local chefs, fish vendors, fishers and women householders in processing-, utilising- and preparing fish. The program is now run and trained by local employees, and have developed to several simple concepts within market development & public awareness: 

Fresh Fish on the Dish 

15 participants

7 hours

3 modules (how to keep fresh fish Cool, Clean & Tasty)

Fresh Fish fo a New Generation

 25 students

3 days

3 modules  (Interactive theory, market visit & poems)

All Taste, No Waste 

200+ participants

1 day

3 core tracks  (No Waste, All Taste, Fish Soups)

Fish Feast

1 tutorial

1 fish receipt

3 minutes

reaching millions on media