Why is FairFishing working to build up fishery in the Horn of Africa?

  • The sea is full of fish. There are 450 commercial species in Somali waters, and fish is an un-utilized resource with large economic and nutritional potential. According to FAO, the sustainable potential for fishery is approx. 200.000 tons per year. In 2013, local fishers caught less than 15.000 tons.
  • Severe droughts endanger the main economic base of livestock and generates food insecurity. Severe droughts the last years have killed vast amounts of the livestock, an important industry and national revenue , as well as the main food source. Fishing is limited and fish consumption is one of the lowest in the world.
  • Unemployment is wide – especially among young. The average income is approx. 315 EURO per year. Among young men, the unemployment rate is approx. 60-70%. Half of the population is under 18 years old.
  • Piracy and criminality has been an issue along the coastline, and only by addressing it at its root causes can it be solved sustainably.

In sum, a paradox situation with a hungry population, people longing for jobs and a sea full of fish. Here, fishing is a simple solution.

Fisheries is now being prioritised in the National Plans and goals of the region. FairFishing is committed to supporting the development of the sector, in close cooperation with the governments and local authorities.