FairFishing’s impact on everyday lives

Fadumo Farah, regular customer
"Before the FairFishing market in Burco opened, it was hard to get fresh fish. We are very grateful for having such a nice fish market. My family has experienced many health benefits after including fish in our diet: I used to weigh 95 kg, and now I’m down to 70–75 kg. I encourage my community to eat more fish, because it is healthier and cheaper than red meat."
Yama Jasin (to the right)
Due to severe droughts in 2017, Jama and his family lost most of their livestock, and were forced to migrate to the coast, hoping to find new ways to make a living. Early 2018, Jama participated in FairFishing’s fishery technical training at sea, which opened up new job possibilities for him. He started working as a fisher, and soon got promoted to skipper. Jama looks at the future optimistically now, and dreams of owning a small boat and becoming a successful businessman.
Mustafe Muse, FairFishing Market Manager
"My life has changed in many ways after I was hired by FairFishing. Now, I spend most of my time thinking about fish – my nickname has even become 'Mustafe the fisherman'. I can see that FairFishing is having a positive impact on the local fish consumption. My dream is that one day, fish will be the most valued dish in Somaliland."