SFF starts co-operation with Arsenault Family Foundation

The organisations share the vision of building a peaceful and prosperous Somalia through long-term business and governance solutions.

”Somali Fair Fishing wants to base its activities on a broad based involvement and funding including both national Danish and international commercial and non-profit organisations and government funding. The cooperation agreement with the Arsenault Family Foundation (AFF) is a very important step in this direction and it is illustrative for the backing and understanding the SFF-initiative have been met with since it was launched in the autumn of 2011”, says Somali Fair Fishing chairman, Knud Vilby.

The co-operation involves a generous concrete funding contribution from AFF to preliminary SFF research activities in Somaliland. As part of the collaboration, the organisations will start sharing knowledge on issues concerning the building of a commercial fishing sector on The Horn of Africa. The cooperation will include training and capacity development of local fishing communities and it involves local authorities as well as the Somali diaspora.

The Arsenault Family Foundation (AFF), established by Colorado-based businessman Marcel Arsenault, focuses on funding projects that lead to peace through new or improved governance mechanisms.