Somali Fair Fishing initiator and co-founder Jakob Johannsen passes away aged 64.

Somali Fair Fishing initiator Jakob Johannsen passed away on May 15 at the Lukas foundation hospice in Copenhagen.

Chairman of the Somali Fair Fishing Board eulogises:

”A life so full of life has come to an end.

Jakob’s professional life stretched from sailing journalism to fundraising and communication work in organisations like Save the Children and the Danish Children’s Foundation (Børnefonden).

Jakob was once the Editor-in-Chief at the magazine Sejl og Motor (Sails and Motors), and continued to do so many other things. He even wrote crime novels, but sadly never saw his latest international multi cultural thriller published. He was an eager sailor, often touring the seas with his old friend His Royal Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark.

His most recent escapade was initiating the organisation Somali Fair Fishing. What started as a fledgling idea from a bright mind has now become a concrete project, aimed at securing young Somali people rightful occupation as fishermen, ensuring that piracy is not their only option.

Jakob was a Muslim, and a very happy one at that. Although it did bother somewhat off that the rest of us weren’t able to sing the old Danish classic ”Se nu stiger solen af havets skød” (haphasardous English translation: See now the sun will rise from the sea lap) by Jakob Knudsen at his funeral.

It also annoyed him that he would not be able to stand on the Edison stage in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen on June 16, when Somali Fair Fishing receives one of the Livia Foundation’s prizes. The prize will be given to commend Jakob’s and the Somali Fair Fishing organisations’ efforts to develop a high road to combat local Somali conflicts.

But Jakob will indeed be remembered on June 16. His widow and children will be there, and grand stories will be told.

At the hospice, Jakob received visitors from the Royal family, from dear local Somali diaspora friends, from other close friends and relatives.
The walls sported his children’s happy drawings, and his youngest child placed them upon the coffin before during the funeral at the Muslim Burial Ground in Brøndby, west of Copenhagen.

Jakob Johannsen’s life has enough material for plenty more novels.

We remember Jakob fondly, professionally as well as personally. And although we are saddened by our loss, it is soothing to know that he lived life to the fullest.

Thank you for everything, Jakob”.

On behalf of Somali Fair Fishing,

Knud Vilby