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The good news: We are busy building fishery in Somaliland, and it is more efficient with facebook-updates, because we can all share news there instantly, so that is where you can follow Somali Fair Fishing.

Saeed is struggling for a better catch

Danish Somali Saeed Yusuf supports Somali Fair Fishing’s demo project in Somaliland: The fish and the will to find solutions are already there, but there is a strong need for a concerted effort to make commercial fishery a part of a growing economy.

A snowball in hell

By Kurt Bertelsen Christensen, fisherman and project manager ” I am sick and tired of all white people who only come here to photograph our fish and us”, the skipper says to his friends at the quay at the fishing port in Berbera in Somaliland.

Fisherman Kurt goes to Somaliland

Kurt Bertelsen Christensen, a Danish fisherman with vast experience building sustainable fishery in Eritrea, Kenya and in the Aral Lake, officially signed on as project manager for our 2012-2014 demo project on September 1.