Danish Commemorative Coin Fund supports Somali Fair Fishing

Somali Fair Fishing is proud to announce that we have been given a generous donation from The Danish Commemorative Coin Fund towards our efforts to establish sustainable fishery in Somaliland.

The donation comes from the revenue from the sale of the Commemorative coins launched in relation to Her Royal Highness Queen Margrethe of Denmark’s 70th birthday, and is administered by the Danish Business Authority.

The funds will help enable Somali Fair Fishing in getting the planned demonstration project off the ground, in part by way of three task forces within fishery, local anchoring and capacity building.

The purpose of these task forces’ work is gathering the necessary people, competencies and information to provide the best possible foundation and the framework for the planned demonstration project.

We will post more information about the task forces and their work in the months to come. Please contact us if you have insights or concrete suggestions as to how these mentioned task forces can become forces to be reckoned with in terms of helping us develop sustainable, commercial fishery in Somaliland.

Somali Fair Fishing is grateful for the appointed funds, and welcome the Commemorative Coin Fund as a partner.