Fisherman Kurt goes to Somaliland

Kurt Bertelsen Christensen, a Danish fisherman with vast experience building sustainable fishery in Eritrea, Kenya and in the Aral Lake, officially signed on as project manager for our 2012-2014 demo project on September 1.

kurtA member of the Somali Fair Fishing board since the beginning, Christensen is now getting the demo project off to a flying start, ensuring that the value chain from sea to stomach is established, as well as liaising with relevant partners and funders in order for this to happen.

On September 20, Christensen takes off for Somaliland, Kenya and Tanzania to further develop and consolidate the concept plan. He will return to his native Lemvig on the Danish west coast on October 23.

For more information on his itinerary – or meeting inquiries in regards to his stay, please contact Toyah Hunting, 50 12 43 61.