What happened in 2017

Our work in 2017

2017 has been a year of intensive work for the FairFishing team along the Horn of Africa. We have not only continued and improved the work and results at the Berbera Centre of Excellency, but also worked to expand the opportunities for fishers to develop businesses and sell their fish in at markets along the Horn of Africa!

Great results at FairFishing Station, Berbera 

The FairFishing Station in Berbera has continued to provide the local fishery with its services and thereby contributed to a regional fish value chain and its growth. It has become the center of all our activities, providing the added value of knowledge sharing.

Some key figures and important milestones for the year of 2017:

  • The Berbera station, including the PSU shop, has been locally managed by 10 employees and has been financially self-sufficient the whole year!
  • Close to 900 tons of fish was registered at the FairFishing station throughout 2017, before transportation to regional markets (this is almost twice the amount of 2016).
  • Sales of the 900 tons fish to market price at local and regional markets has generated a turnover reaching approx. 4.000.000 USD.
  • These results have not only generated income- and job opportunities along the whole fishery value chain, but also improved food security through providing options for more varied nutrition to regions suffering from devastating droughts in the last year.

New markets and stations along the Horn of Africa with EU funds

The preparation and construction of several new stations and markets at the Horn of Africa have started – and in one case of Saylac finished, as reported earlier in the year. Four new stations of different size and capacity are underway along the coast, as well as four in-land markets. If the program implementation continues at the same speed as during 2017, two markets in Burco and Galkayo will be opened in Spring 2018.  This chapter of the project will contribute to a market chain creation, where different actors can participate and ensure their family income. FairFishing will focus on including the most vulnerable individuals and continue to focus on the sustainability and continuation of our work.

A part of FairFishing’s new initiatives is starting technical training at sea for the new and aspiring fishers, which has started at the end of 2017, and will continue on a regular basis throughout 2018. The training includes both theoretical and practical aspects of knowledge of kinds of fish, techniques, as well as hygiene principles and security procedures when at sea.

Next steps in 2018 

The beginning of 2018 shows that it is more important than ever to continue support the fishery sector in Somaliland and Puntland. The climate forecasts predict even more severe weather and thus difficulties for the important livestock sector. Food security and starvation continues to be a major challenge in several locations in the region, and the creation of job opportunities through a developing fishery sector will provide safety nets for the local people.

FairFishing will continue implementation of the EU funded program in 2018, and throughout the year, focus will shift from construction and physical infrastructure to training, management and local ownership to ensure long term sustainable operations of the stations and markets established.


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