Danish Commemorative Coin Fund supports Somali Fair Fishing

Somali Fair Fishing is proud to announce that we have been given a generous donation from The Danish Commemorative Coin Fund towards our efforts to establish sustainable fishery in Somaliland.

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Somali Fair Fishing on fact-finding mission to Somaliland

The Somali Fair Fishing board went to Somaliland in March, aiming to define the upcoming demonstration project.

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Somali Fair Fishing initiator and co-founder Jakob Johannsen passes away aged 64.

Somali Fair Fishing initiator Jakob Johannsen passed away on May 15 at the Lukas foundation hospice in Copenhagen.

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SFF starts co-operation with Arsenault Family Foundation

The organisations share the vision of building a peaceful and prosperous Somalia through long-term business and governance solutions.

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SFF met former heads of UN in Somalia

Somali Fair Fishing met 2009 Puntland presidential candidate Nuradin Dirie and former head of UNICEF in Somalia Christian Balslev-Olesen this week.

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SFF is nominated to the LIVIA award 2012

The LIVIA award is awarded annually by the LIVIA foundation to a person or project deserving honor for solving conflicts. A person or a project that courageously, creatively and without force handle societal conflicts in Denmark or abroad.

Somali Fair Fishing is among the 12 proposals, chosen from a pool of 73, which has been nominated to the LIVIA award. The winner will be announced the 6th of December 2011 in Copenhagen.

Read more about the LIVIAward and LIVIAfoundation at: www.liviafonden.dk

Somali Fair Fishing homepage

Somali Fair Fishing now has a homepage, www.fairfishing.org.

Somali Fair Fishing in the EU-Parliament

Representatives of the board and secretariat of Somali Fair Fishing were in Brussels presenting the project vision, mission and roadmap to the international maritime community, invited by the Danish Shipping Association, after being present at a piracy hearing in the EU Parliament.

Formal establishment of Somali Fair Fishing

Somali Fishing Fair was formally established. The board were elected; mandate and an organisational framework were decided. Knud Vilby was elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors, while Frederik Noltenius Busck was set to head the Secretariat.

Somali fair Fishing in Danish Media

The basic idea of Somali Fair Fishing was presented in the national Danish newspaper, Politiken.

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